We have heard in recent years unwashed masses fit at the Academy Awards because being ignored (i.e., of any appeal blockbusters) popular favorites in critical men that few people had seen. Expand career and stir of excitement, the Academy of Arts and Sciences expanded the category of best foreign film once more to 10 candidates last year – and had awarded promptly little seen critical local ‘The Hurt Locker’ Academy.

This year also must critical favorite receive Oscar? Story 3′ is best-reviewed film of the year, according to Rotten Tomatoes (by Reuters), closely followed by ‘Social network’. The film last is that is been cited most often by critics groups and appears to be a muertos-calor with ‘Black Swan’ for best film honors. In the footsteps of the year past ‘Up’, ‘Toy Story 3’ is likely to be nominated for best film and best animated film, but probably not considered a serious contender for best film. Is this fair?

Disney/Pixar is working hard to counter the perception that animated films must be contained with nominations in its own category created especially. According to our own Monika Bartyzel, his recent advertising campaign emphasizes topics adult image, the linkage to other Oscar winners for best film, such as ‘ On the Waterfront’, “Silence of the lambs” and “The Sound of Music”.

Win an Academy Award for best film animated definitely would be an honour ‘Toy Story 3’, which is not necessarily a Lockdown settings in stone. (Since the creation of the category in time for the awards in 2001, Pixar has won five times and lost twice.) (‘ This year, How to Train Your Dragon’ is also a favorite of the critical and box-office success story and might surprise people to win the prize.) Will be only three animated films nominated this year, so who knows what will happen?

The Academy Awards are intended to honor “outstanding achievements in released theatrically films feature film,” in line with the standards of the Academy. Best film award should go to the “best movie of the year.” Nearly 300 films are eligible for awards this year, a long list that it includes documentaries and animated pictures along with live action productions. There is no reason, according to the Academy, which did not win a documentary or a feature film animation for best film.

Moviefone editors declared ‘Toy Story 3’ best film 2010 and we think should win the Oscar for best picture.

What do you think?