Like Netflix continues to grow and look towards a future downloadable, the idea of streaming video is beginning to flourish. We have Best Buy go into the game, understandable as a piece of mass each store is dedicated to cinema and TV choice. We had Wal-Mart, which can have everything from underwear to electronics, but also have their own small collection of disk.

¿.. .but Rehabilitation?

Yep! According to the company of Chicago, Department store fight has decided to input business with its own video download service. Sears has been in a hard place for years (just Google “fighting for Sears” and see for yourself), treat all kinds of techniques to improve business – throwing their brands companies from competition and sale of strings and closure of shops. Almost a year ago, realized that perhaps only you should invest more time and effort in new fangled Internet and tried to reconnect with their roots of correspondence.

And now that push online has become the download of the movie.

Sears launches their own video download called Alphaline Entertainment service. His plan is to allow clients the opportunity to download movies the day launched on disk, and the day after they air television. Everything will be equipped with RoxioNow, which already allows downloads to computers and mobile devices. So far, isn’t so bad, unless you are a consumer who is not a fan of Roxio service. But here is a shot – each download will be priced individually, and that price has not yet revealed. Although they can have a new version before Netflix (do you remember that window 28 days?), still will have to pay him, the premium prices unless Sears somehow manages to do what you have done any other service and charge practically nothing for new versions of the day that get shelves.

Of course, doesn’t sound all as something that can compete with Netflix, which has accumulated a huge selection of transmission stream intermingled with their DVD deliveries. (Although if Sears paste Canada first, which would be an easy way to battle quickly new versions offered by Netflix Canada surcharges selection.) Neither Redbox, which is moving online. And iTunes, which is already in the single-download game… and almost everything else out there. Without a doubt, could compete with services On Demand, especially when new gestures are higher priced DVD rental, but that is all.

This is the path which must be Sears, or makes it sound only as their tents – empty areas full of merchandise but free for buyers?