The Call

A true story. Frank Driscoll, middle-aged retired vet of thirty years. A bean there done that man, but gentle on the inside, still fighting with himself as to which side of love to hope for. Another trip to the airport with one of his clients, finds himself in a melee of disturbances, Suicide, Murder, kidnapping just to mention three.

WWP (We Won’t Play)

A fictional story how a Canadian school boy finds a way to cease all soccer football around the world after he see a photo of six Afghan youths executed by the Taliban for not playing soccer until all their male relatives have been release after being kidnapped to fight for them.

Just One of Nine

A true story how the Mafia in 1970 made the biggest heist in Canadian history here in Vancouver. All were caught and sentenced, but the million of dollars were never recovered after the Vancover Police retrieved it from the airport on its way to the evidence locker.

Under the Clock

A true story of a boy from Montreal who is orphaned, sent to a boys’ home, where he is abused. He leaves at the age of eighteen and goes on to one kind of glory but ends up at age 60, with a bullet in his gut, fighting for his life in a small hotel room.

Writers Block

I’ve been working on my project, “Writer’s Block” The Odd Couple waiting for Gadot. We were going to shoot it in Sept. but now it looks like it’ll be feb. Cast and crew of thirteen, 20min. for festivals only.( I need to show my hand as a writer. I hope this is the project.
I have written three Feature film scripts which are in circulation for production.