Born in Montreal, Quebec. After attending Florida State University, moved to London, England to study drama. Beau Daniels met his wife (ex), first of two children arrived, his Son Warwick, followed by his daughter Jade. Entered the Police Force, then the Armed Forces. After returning to America, he entered the State Department (Office of Protocol). Retired in 1997 and reestablished his acting career. In 2000, he was hired to play Rudy Karin in The Pledge with Jack Nicholson, directed by Sean Penn.
In the course of his career as an actor, Beau Daniels crossed paths with Adam Fulford, who writes screenplays and does production for Internet and film. When Beau was struck with an inspired idea for a short film, he suggested to Adam that they co-write a screenplay, and that was the beginning of AdBeau Productions Inc.