In 1994 there was a very real movie called “Oblivion“, starring Richard Joseph Paul, Jackie Swanson and Andrew Divoff, among many other people who probably never have heard of (except for maybe Isaac Hayes and George Takei, who sang a series of jokes ‘Star Trek’ is found in the film). In the film, Paul played Zack Stone, a cowboy that returns the city sordid, Oblivion after his father is killed by the villain red-eye. Can Zack intensify and become new sheriff of the city with the purpose of getting rid of red eyes and his gang evil aliens?

Produced with a budget of around 2.5 million, “Oblivion” arrived with the slogan: “In this planet is Cowboys and aliens”, which is of course, comic, because in 2011 we really have a movie coming out called ‘Cowboys & Aliens’. Based on the trailer (and the time we spend together), ‘Cowboys & Aliens of Jon Favreau’ is definitely not caseosa and comical as this version of mid-1990s Cowboys aliens &, but credit must be given to ‘Oblivion’ director Sam Irvin, which really managed to do a sequel called “2 Oblivion: Backlash’.” So far, cannot be said the same for ‘Cowboys & Aliens of the Favreau’, but we have a time until you make those decisions.

Remove two trailers after the jump and tell us what film ‘Cowboys & aliens’ which would be rather. Also note that is “Oblivion” should not be confused with the adaptation of continuous graphic novel of another ‘Oblivion’, which is being directed by ‘ TRON: Joseph Kosinski the Legacy.

Oblivion ‘ is available to rent on Netflix, and ‘ Cowboys & Aliens’ hits theatres July 29.

[from tyrant Geek]