Beau Daniels – Actor – Writer – Producer


Beau Daniels

Inspirationall, Vancouver Talent Agency
Height: 6′
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Salt and Pepper
Eyes: Blue
Agent: Bridget Drynan
Contact: talent@inspirationall.com


Anthem  Mr. Bernoffski  Dir. Robin Hays
Riverdale Alumni Dir. Kevin Sullivan, Warner Bros.
While you were dating (Hallmark)  Ted(Kyles Dad) Dir. David Winning
Aftermath Elder Bennett/Principal Leslie Hope/Si-Fi
Imaginary Mary Elder/Actor Dir. David Katzenberg
Girl Friends Guide to Divorce Priest (last episode, Season 2) Robbie McNeill/Bravo
Birdwatcher Swede/Principal Siobhan Devine/Independent
Flowers in the Attic Mr. Foxworth/Actor Deborah Chow/Lifetime
Stockholders Sasha’s Lawyer One Leaf Productions
Kyle XY William Trager Kyle Productions
The Undead Dr. Stansfield/Principal Condemned Film Producticons
Redemption Father Drake/Lead Jet Film Prods. Ltd.
Bluey-Lead-Bluey-Adbeau Prods. Ltd. Bluey/Lead .AdBeau Productions Inc.
Guff Dr. Fladdimus Reed Reed-VFS. Prods. Dir. Adam Beal

Dr. Zurick/Lead Dir: David Tenniswood
Parade of Love Frank/Lead

Bahadir Bedenlier/True North Productions

The Pledge Rudy Karin/Principal Sean Penn/Warner Bros
Beggars and Choosers Frank Mitchell/Principal Helen Shaver/Showtime
Nash Bridges Kelly Raymond/Principal CBS Television
X Files Wayne Morgan/Principal Fox Television
Strange Luck Desk Sgt/Principal Fox Television/Cannell Films
21 Jump Street John Lowell/Principal Cannell/20th Century Fox Television
To Cast A Shadow Tony B. Tender/Principal CBS Television
And The Sea Will Tell Tommy Leye/Principal Tommy Lee Wallace/Columbia/CBS Television
Billion Dollar Brain The Texan/Principal Ken Russell/Lowndes/United Artists
Suburban Wives Mr. Holmes/Principal Derek Ford/Blackwater Films
Blood River Red Haynes/Principal Daniel Addis/Rome
Boy Gets Girl Editor Wicked Awesome Theatre Company
Talk Radio Dan San Francisco Arts Theatre
Plain and Fancy Peter PAL theater/ Van. BC
Oklahoma Will PAL theater/ Van. BC
West Side Story Riff Fire Hall / Van. BC
Bye Bye Birdie Conrad San Francisco Arts Theater
Lil Abner Romeo PAL theater/ Van.BC
The Boy Friend Peppe Beaumont theater/ Van. BC
Guys & Dolls Sky Wicked Awesome Prod. Van. BC
A Christmas Carol Morley New Orleans theater in the round. NO.

List Available Upon Request

TEACHING Instructor/Creator Concordia College Vancouver, BC

Film Acting Academy Program


Beatty Studios-Film@Television Audition Workshop

Anastasia Bandey
Film & Television Workshop Michael Simms/Vancouver
West Coast Actors Studio Cliff Osmond/San Francisco
Gastown Actors Studio Mel Tuck/Vancouver
Acting Workshop Patti Bean/Los Angeles
Acting Workshop Susan Neilson/San Francisco
National Theatre School Powes Thomas/London, England
Actors Workshop Daniel Addis/Rome
Karate, Handguns, Automatic Weapons, Martial Arts, Skiing, Swimming, Canoeing, Camping, In-line Skating, Cycling, Skeet Shooting, Ballroom Dance, Singing