Do-reminiscent of cutting-edge Web site for ‘Space Jam’? Makes Internet. Active, was never taken down.

-According to the game director Justin Richmond which currently runs until ‘Uncharted 3,’ almost everything about the film ‘Uncharted’ should be taken with a grain of salt. David o. Russell is attached to direct, but Mark Wahlberg is not locked to stars and history has not changed to a dynamic family adventure.

-After receiving a ton of great buzz at Toronto International Film Festival last year, James Wan more recent horror film, the gesture of Haunted House ‘Insidious,’ nabbed United States distribution and a 1 April thanks to Graham King cinema district launch date.

Do-hear recent rumors atribulada Disney star Demi Lovato was going to be in ‘ the Avengers ‘? It is not true, however, Marvel is rumored to be looking to issue another female hero in the movie.

Dame Judi Dench joined Leonardo DiCaprio in the biopic of j. Edgar Hoover Clint Eastwood, entitled simply . Edgar j. ‘ Eastwood also implies that Charlize Theron is in negotiations, but not yet issued.

-Eva Green is out and Diane Kruger in as Marie Antoinette Benoit Jacquot ‘Farewell, my Queen.’ novel adaptation period piece

-‘Avatar’ has only been Dethroned in Brazil with the action sequel ‘ Elite Squad 2’ take over as the film grossed higher in the country. Check out the trailer for a glimpse of the action:

‘Watchmen’ fans should receive a kick out of this How to make a Rorschach mask by changing color video:

-Ah, the beauty of Pixar:

The beauty of Leandro Copperfield Pixar on Vimeo.