-A new image has been released from Tomar re, a popular member of the Green Lantern Corps, as it appears in the upcoming movie of ‘ Lantern ‘, due in June. Take-re is as a mentor to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), teach the way of the species of.

-The adjustment has been confirmed from a source that saw cut early ‘ Thor’ that Jeremy Renner Hawkeye makes a cameo appearance at some point, but don’t know where, when or how. Given that Marvel not tack in sequence until just after-credits launch, we hope that Hawkeye play in the main story.

-Although ‘Death Race 2’ goes directly in video, which is not stopping universal accelerate the delivery of a ‘ Death Race 3′ according Moviehole. The third installment is currently under development and similar to its predecessor, probably also will go directly in video.

-Oliver Stone ‘ Pinkville’ was killed during the writer strike, but now appears to be gaining some more steam as stone mentions ‘Wall Street 2’ which is commentary track thinking about reviving the film – which documented the events before and after the massacre of My Lai in Viet Nam, in which members of the u.s. army killed more than 500 citizens of the South – with Shia LaBeouf on paper which was scheduled to go to Channing Tatum Vietnamese.

Kevin Smith has released another character for his gesture next horror poster ‘ network status‘, this time with Melissa Leo, Sarah character. As it is done with previous posters, subastada Smith rights upcoming product will support 30 birthday wish of Eliza Dushku raise $30,000 for the purpose of building a Recovery Center for child soldiers in Gulu, Uganda. With an offer of $1,000, a site called meatloaf Ma won this. Withdraw the poster on the right and a larger version above Ma meat pie.

-In another strange turn of events, Lydia Hears t – Hearst that supposedly should be playing a character similar to Lindsay Lohan in a next so-called indie heiress ‘ dogs in pockets ‘-has tweeted (in so many words) that she is not signed any such film, saying, “as regards theatrical roles I am currently filming two jacks, directed by Bernard Rose.” My next project is gateway by Tony Hogan, “said another tweet.” Thank you all messages of encouragement during my transition into acting. I really love and appreciate it. At the moment I am not signed officially in other projects. “Thanks.”

Rupert Everett decided randomly trash Jennifer Aniston successful career on the screen in a recent interview with the BBC. Says, “If you find and analyze the careers of many, many stars, will find mostly are sustained by the business,” he said. “I will not begin to names of persons whose films have not been successful at the box office, but you will find there are many women and many of the men in business that can decide are suitable for your business and you are with them for a long time.” “Well, something will go wrong, as Jennifer Aniston one will have too many total failure, but remains a member of that club, and she still succeed… as a star forming in the universe, things are swirling around it and it suddenly solidify in other vital Insipidus romcom, you know, a little glitter to the Crab Nebula.”

Grant McCune, behind of ‘Star Wars’ Oscar-winning special effects artist died at the age of 67 due to pancreatic cancer. McCune won an Oscar for his work on model in the original ‘Star Wars’ and was nominated for an Academy Award for work in ‘ Star Trek: the movie ‘. Other popular films in which he worked include ‘Die Hard’, ‘Never say never again’, ‘Space Balls’ and ‘Caddyshack’. Here’s a reel that highlights some of his works.