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Mixed Emotions, Good News & Bad News

Hi All,

Waazup?! Well, I’ll tell you what’s up. I got work via to my friend Rowland Pidlubny and Lead, (no idea how to pronounce it) got me on the indie film, Stock Holder, as his Lawyer, and maybe there’s more. I got the role without an agent. My agent closed her office. .Check it out on FB or youtube. Or you can go to my web site beaudaniels.net it’s up, thanks to my good friend and writing partner Adam Fulford.

So anyone who knows anyone, who knows anyone. The time away looking for an agent has allowed me to revise all my scripts.

More on the film:

One leaf productions, directed by Mike Kam. Stock Holder and David Tenniswood was on the Red 1, and Wayne Lam on second unit, the best, you know.

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  • Hi Beau,

    Nice meeting you at the scene, I hope you had a lot of fun. Here are some interview photos blog I have taken with the guys, I will be doing the documentary videos for the ‘Stockholders’ and look forward to finish it off. Thanks for posting the video on the web.

    Interview Photos

    Take care.

    Wayne Lam Creative Media Director

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