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Landed A Role In Psych!

Arrived back on sun.9th Sept. Mon. Auditioned for Psych the 2hr. musical through my new agent, Les Blackmore of BLK Mgt. got the call back, was put on hold, and booked the character of the janitor. Thank you Anistasia Bandey for the intro. to Les and you coaching.

Back In BC From Memorial

Getting back in the swing of things for some reason takes time, the Maritimes, three weeks, a mixed emotion. How do combine a Memorial and a vaca in one?

The people in each of the places we stayed made it a difference, we, I’m talking about My mate George who’s wife died would you believe on my birthday, nov. 4th 2011. His wife was born and raised in Yarmouth, went to school in Halifax and vacationed in Shediac NB. So we went to all three prov. which were beautiful the people gracious, the food amazing, can you believe I tired of Lobster, well, at $4.99 a lb. can you blame me? The first memorial was in Yarmouth, actual Cape Fazue not sure of the spelling, we found a small point near the entry of the cape, found a large Monumental rock and dug a hole, covered with flowers went a and had a meal with the friend who found the spot for her end.

Not a day but one was not sunshine. Five days in Halifax with Karen and Robin are gracious hosts, who had the most beautiful home on lake near the yacht club, where we had a beautiful meal, and we were whisked away daily to different areas of NS. like Chester and Chester Basin where I had my first Blueberry Grunt. (Cook Berries in dumplings and ice cream. I have the recipe which I found in cook book, meals of NS).

Getting to Shediac NB. was fun, I think when you don’t know where your going the anticipation of reaching there is very stimulating. A cottage on the water across from the Lobster factory, how bad could it be, small cottages every two acres, off a stone and dirt road, and Georges cottage was the last, at the end of the lane.

Two weeks doing nothing but eating drinking, drinking and eating, people dropping in every day, we had purchased two picnic tables, not assembled may I say, well a six pack we got it to some kind of position where people could walk down and sit watch the tide flow in and the sun set, I don’t think I’ve seen that many stars in a long time. I think it was the fourth or fifth of Sept. there was a full moon, my OMG. I will never forget it, I don’t have to, I took pictures. Lots and Lots of picture.

Labor day weekend everyone showed up for the main Memorial, most of the residents in the lane (evergreen lane) came with pot luck, George made a Lobster chowder to die for, and me, myself, my shadow and I made a Blueberry Grunt for 25 people. It was a lovely service vocals by Gary, I had never heard Our Father sung before but it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. I then served the grunt and brought the crowd back to reality.

Sept. 7th, took a day and went to PEI. That is a beautiful Island, if you haven’t see it, you should treat yourself and spend some tome there. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES MUSEUM. Was a highlight to and wonderful remembrance, of a Lady I admired and who is no longer with us.

My Trip In Wine Country, California

I know Christmas is over, but I had the best xmas I have ever had down in Paso Robles with my friend Bahadir, and Paulo, and all their friends who are in (should I say) the wine industry, say no more. Paulo is about to open a Italian Restaurant in Salenas Calif. Guess who’s going to the party? Anyone interested, friend me on FB.

Mixed Emotions, Good News & Bad News

Hi All,

Waazup?! Well, I’ll tell you what’s up. I got work via to my friend Rowland Pidlubny and Lead, (no idea how to pronounce it) got me on the indie film, Stock Holder, as his Lawyer, and maybe there’s more. I got the role without an agent. My agent closed her office. .Check it out on FB or youtube. Or you can go to my web site beaudaniels.net it’s up, thanks to my good friend and writing partner Adam Fulford.

So anyone who knows anyone, who knows anyone. The time away looking for an agent has allowed me to revise all my scripts.

More on the film:

One leaf productions, directed by Mike Kam. Stock Holder and David Tenniswood was on the Red 1, and Wayne Lam on second unit, the best, you know.

Four Feature Films I Have Finished Writing.

1. WWP (We Won’t Play)

A fictional story how a Canadian school boy finds a way to cease all soccer football around the world after he see a photo of six Afghan youths executed by the Taliban for not playing soccer until all their male relatives have been release after being kidnapped to fight for them.

2. Just One of Nine

A true story how the Mafia in 1970 made the biggest heist in Canadian history here in Vancouver. All were caught and sentenced, but the million of dollars were never recovered after the Vancover Police retrieved it from the airport on its way to the evidence locker.

3. Under the Clock

A true story of a boy from Montreal who is orphaned, sent to a boys’ home, where he is abused. He leaves at the age of eighteen and goes on to one kind of glory but ends up at age 60, with a bullet in his gut, fighting for his life in a small hotel room.

4. The Call

A true story. Frank Driscoll, middle-aged retired vet of thirty years. A bean there done that man, but gentle on the inside, still fighting with himself as to which side of love to hope for. Another trip to the airport with one of his clients, finds himself in a melee of disturbances, Suicide, Murder, kidnapping just to mention three.

Update: My Projects

Just thought I’d drop you a note letting you know what i’ve been up to. Well it started back in early Jan. as you know the film business is in it’s own recession. Thanks to VFS I’ve done two projects of theirs.

The Call

Frank Driscoll, middle-aged retired vet of thirty years. A bean there done that man, but gentle on the inside, still fighting with himself as to which side of love to hope for. Another trip to the airport with one of his clients, finds himself in a melee of disturbances, Suicide, Murder, kidnapping just to mention three.


an who-done-it the brilliant and arrogant team of private investigators are call in by paranoid, eccentric millionaire, that’s me, to find his rare illegal, dangerous beloved pet Lizard- that disappears from it’s terrarium, four suspects are assembled in my large study (may still be hiding) the brothers compete with each other to piece together the complicated web of clues, and solve the mystery. Ah! but there was no Lizard! Written and Directed By Adam Beal.

Gastown Stories.

A sad love story over thirty year, James Me, falls in love with a married woman who has a child, that dies at the age of six. Loses his love, but continues to love her over the next thirty years. The dead daughter is now thirty six in his mind, and they are out in Gas town doing the tourist scene, asking people to take their picture, but with only him there. Dining in restaurants as Father and Daughter but again all alone. The clock tower is a focal point as later tour guides tell the love story to there clients. Written and Directed by Ramin Abdollahi. While shooting that film, I was approached by the Matson sisters, (Canada’s answer to the Cohen Bros.) to lead their next film. Me and Henry, twin brothers, aged 100, going through the last days of life on their hundredth B-day. Really a story about Senior Abuse. Shooting in May.

Writers Block

3. And as you know I’ve been working on my own project, “Writer’s Block” -The Odd Couple waiting for Gadot. We were going to shoot it in Sept. but now it looks like it’ll be feb. Cast and crew of thirteen, 20min. for festivals only.( I need to show my hand as a writer. I hope this is the project.
I have written three Feature film scripts which are in circulation for production.

New Film in Production: Writers Block

The odd couple waiting for Godot. Is a good log line for this project. So, into pre-production may 1st. and prod. probably around may 23rd. The cast, Beau Daniels, Gary Hetherington, Carmelina Cupo. Director Adam Beal, music by Paul Buchanan. Adbeau prod. inc.