One of the pleasures of attending a film festival is discovering good movies that most people has not had the opportunity to see yet, then raving about them to your friends. However, one of the frustrations is when those good movies do not passed the stage of the festival, and the persons to whom you have raving never get a chance to see them. (I may leave a limb and guess that this is more frustrating for the filmmakers for me.)

It would be feasible nor desirable to see every movie at each festival, so this list is incomplete. But of 80 or so festivals movies I saw this year, here are laudable 10 not yet released in the United States. Keep your fingers crossed for 2011!

‘ America: the story of Bill Hicks’ | This documentary about Subversion, expensive departed comedian was a theatrical running on United Kingdom (where the filmmakers are based) but nothing, however, in the United States, in spite of a warm welcome at South By Southwest, HotDocs, Seattle and elsewhere. Find it on a region 2 DVD. Official Web site.


| The protagonist of this strange comedy drama (and oddly affecting to) is a teenager sack and agent of chaos who befriends a young boy after the death of the mother. It is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I wish that he had left this year, as a piece of very different from ‘Inception’ performance JGL Companion. Newmarket bought the film at Sundance and presumably still has plans to launch in 2011, but I could not find an exact date. Official Web site.

«His & Hers’»

| From Ireland comes this little charming documentary in which women from ages 4 to 90 talk men in their lives: their daddies, their boyfriends, their spouses, their children. What emerges is a deep admiration for the sex of course, if only because of the way conditioned us silly men. Played at Sundance and SXSW, among other fests, but until now has not theatrical run lined up. (A DVD is available for purchase, but only you shipping to Ireland address). Official Web site.

‘ I Saw the Devil’

| As you probably know, the head of export Korea South is bloody films about revenge. This one, which played in Toronto and Fantastic Fest and will climb at Sundance in few weeks, is an admirably disturbing addition to the canon. Magnet (Magnolia Pictures genre arm) will be releasing it launched March 4. Official Web site.

The Loved Ones

| This Australian – shocker on a teen mad going to extreme measures to secure a date dance – premiered at Toronto in 2009, then played SXSW this year, where he found a very grateful audience. Now is a murmur, horror movies you-gotta – see – this, backed up by no less an authority than Scott Weinberg from Cinematical (who considered for those demons Rob Weinberg in Fearnet). But you can see it? In Australian cinemas now, with no word, however, is when (or if) will expand. Official Web site.


| Co-Director of ‘Murderball’ Dana Adam Shapiro made his debut fiction with this fascinating character study of a photographer voyeur (Chris Messina) and his fiancée (Rashida Jones). That is nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, award which is a good sign. Oscilloscope has distribution, date TBD release. Official Web site.

‘Saturday Night’

| For the lovers of the “Saturday Night Live”, what could be better than a look behind the scenes of a week of typical production? What if is directed by James Franco? And what if SNL guest week in question was John Malkovich? SXSW and TriBeCa fans came out a kick this entertaining doc (read our review), oscilloscope plans to launch in “early 2011.”


| The last of Errol Morris – one of the best live documentary filmmakers, you know – is an outrageously entertaining in a strange look but-true news since the 1970s, in which a woman had allegedly hijacked to a Mormon missionary in England and made him her sex slave. Gets Chew from there. The only word that we have distribution so far is Morris himself, only a couple of days ago, through Twitter: “‘Tabloid’ is in cinemas next year.” An agreement will be announced in the very near future. (Gracias_bondad.) ” Therefore there are go. Official Web site.

‘ Tucker and Dale vs Evil’

| You know those on frightening backwoods which torture and kill innocent teenage boys slasher films? This is a hilarious deconstruction of films, from the point of view of mountaineers – played by Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine – which is that they are harmless and misunderstood. It was a hit at Sundance and SXSW. How does not have distribution yet?? It is an outrage. Maybe is this another job for Drafthouse Movies…? Official Web site.


| Oh, I don’t really think that never see it in theaters. It is too goofy, too provincial, too weird. Make sure that made me laugh in TriBeCa, however. Erik Davis noted that it is like an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ live-action, and that is exactly correct. An alcoholic rehabilitation escapes and convinces the imbeciles in a picturesque Irish people that he is an extraterrestrial space; This causes laughter. Some play has received United Kingdom and Australia and is for sale on DVD in Ireland only. I could see this becoming a cult favorite once obtained some degree of exposure than home video. Official Web site.